Transparent Measurements


The Saliva test can take up to 15 minutes. Those 15 minutes can become a black-box in which errors, successes and everything in between can happen. How do we create a transparent & clear measurement experience for our users?

The flow of information before implementing the Measurement Tracker.

One of the results of a round of research.


Our Goal was to make sure that throughout the entire measurement process women can be in full control and never fall into a state of confusion or frustration. The inne reader is connected to your phone through a constant bluetooth connection, enabling us to send updates throughout the measurement to create more transparency. Another requirement of the measurement is that it has to take place within a 4 hour testing window. Read more about making that a more flexible experience here. We used the opportunity with the measurement tracker to also remind users of how long they still have until their window closes.

New Flow of information with Measurement Tracker.

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