The Challenge

For the metabuild hackathon 2021 I worked on a tool to take the unreliability and effort out of hosting and joining NFT & Crypto giveaways. → Try it out here ←

The Approach

These types of giveaways have recently blown up on twitter but have a few core problems. Tedious effort to verify eligibility of participants Manual reach out to winners for wallet addressesProne to scamming as participants have no way of knowing if winners actually receive the prizesIn 3 evening sessions, with the help of the Tailwind CSS Figma Library, we iterated on the flow of creating & joining giveaways, the eligibility of participants and bringing transparency to the winners. Check out this page to learn how all of this works on a technical level.

Two additional snippets of the product. Joining the giveaway and verifying eligibility

Iterations of the superise logomark.

The Outcome

We ended up winning Best Design & A few Sponsor Prizes!

By far the best part of this project is the fact that all of this came around by meeting great web3 friends on discord and working completely remotely with an 8 hour time difference.

Shoutout to @iamdem0, @OwOSteveYu, @dravenlu.eth & @xsb.near for the fun project and amazing implementation ❤️

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