Nice Near Names

Following up on the win at the Metabuild Hackathon in 2021, we joined again in 2022.

This time we were solving the problem of transferring Near accounts from person to person as there was no safe and secure way to do so.

See how it works here

The Solution

The tool works in 3 steps.

  1. Turn your Account into an NFT

  2. Trade or Send that NFT to a different Wallet

  3. Turn the NFT back into an account

The Outcome

We didn't win this year but are really happy with how simple the tool is and how easy it is to use. Again a massive thanks to the team for super clean and strong implementation. ❤️

Shoutouts to @iamdem0, @OwOSteveYu, @dravenlu.eth & @xsb.near

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