Flexible Testing Window


The Saliva Measurement could only take place within a 4 hour testing window between 6am – 10am. For a majority of our users this sufficed, however we heard from a large group of users that from time to time and cycle to cycle it would be handy to be able to change the testing window and allow for some added flexibility.In Summary, how might we add more flexibility to the daily saliva measurement?


We wanted to give users a visualisation of their 4 hour window they would be familiar with; in this case a clock. Thus, in this interaction we let the user directly move with the dial and pull it to their preferred testing window.The dial is visually broken up into 30 minute increments, with the full hour being more prominent.When the user moves the dial it plays a light haptic feedback every time a new hour has been reached.When the hold is released it snaps to the closest hour.💡For users that have already taken at least one cycle's worth of measurements we display an additional cell hinting at what time they usually have been taking their test.

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