Daily Interactions


The Daily Saliva Measurement, taking note of your Cervical Fluids and logging Symptoms & Events are the key daily interactions with the inne product and tracking your fertility and cycle. Our goals for this project were to:

  1. Allow users to easily complete the 3 daily tasks.

  2. Display the users hormonal graph including fertility, ovulation, cycle phases and fluids & events.

  3. Create a scaleable foundation for additional features.

A comparison between before and after the launch.


Our existing solution served us well for the initial launch of the inne product. To allow for additional features and a more discoverable journey for users we needed to rethink several aspects of what we call the "Lab".We observed that a lot of users were mainly tracking their saliva but not necessarily tracking cervical fluids or their symptoms & events. Nor where they necessarily even opening the sheet to learn more about their daily measurement.Multiple rounds of testing and iterating helped us land on our current solution.

An absolute mess of a canvas of exploration


We have observed a large increase in how many symptoms & events are tracked by individual customers. Before: 18 Symptoms & Events (Weekly Average)After: 55 Symptoms & Events (Weekly Average)We haven't observed quite the same increase in tracking of Cervical Fluids, which in turn might strengthen our hypothesis that users might not know exactly how to check their cervical fluids in the first place.

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